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Goth Baby Wear

February 19th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Weapon CribHere are a few items I’ve run into recently that might be of interest to anyone with small creatures running around that you’re expected to dress.

Etsy sellers Lou and Lee make all kinds of goth/hipster baby clothes, including onesies with cameo fronts or vintage lace detailing. They’re apparently sold out at the moment, but a crafty individual might be able to run up something similar.

Mysterio T-shirts – This powerful oracle “transmits his thoughts onto 100% cotton baby T-shirts,” predicting the baby’s future profession. The shirts have a vintage sideshow kind of look to them, and professions include things like “Mafia Accountant” and “Romance Novelist.”

LED Booties Tutorial – Instructions for wiring baby booties with flashing “fireflies.” These would be awesome if you substituted monster eyes for firefly rears.

Neatorama has a selection of cool onesies and baby T-shirts, including this “I (heart) Anatomy” design, with anatomically-correct heart.

The Baby Straenj site offers all kinds of handmade goodies, like these adorable twirl skirts and skull overalls.

If nothing else, these examples might inspire you to make something similar yourself. My standard gift for baby showers is a handmade crib quilt, but some of these clothes are so cute I may have to start branching out.

Picture Credit: Sculpture by artist Shi Jinsong

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