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Haunted House Tattoo

August 2nd, 2011 by Cobwebs

The subtitle of this post is, “Aaaaaaaaaaargh,” since I’m feeling rather thwarted at the moment.

For those not familiar with Pinterest, it’s a “virtual pinboard:” A visual bookmarking tool that lets you collect stuff from all over the Web and put it all in one place. It’s great for things like planning a redecorating project or putting together an outfit. It also lets you browse pinboards curated by other users, so you can piggyback off others’ inspiration.

What it doesn’t do worth a damn, however, is preserve original source information.

So, I found this lovely tattoo on a tattoo pinboard, and I’d love to give you more information about the artist, but it’s credited to “Tumblr” and that is not exactly useful.


Searching phrases like haunted house tattoo or haunted mansion tattoo turns up some great designs (and also a neat site called Check Out My Ink), but this one doesn’t seem to be in evidence.

In summary: Poop.

Anyway, I think this is lovely and wish I could tell you more about it. I really like the creepy tree and the gothic-looking tombstones, and am curious whether it ends at the haunted house or extends further along her back. If a tat of this size wouldn’t win me an instant divorce, something similar would definitely be at the top of my wish list.

Update: Jessica, whose Google-fu clearly exceeds mine, tracked down the original photo here. It’s a self-portrait by Stephanie May, a photographer in Nashville. Still no information on the tattoo artist, but if you’re in the Nashville area I suppose you could go ask her. Thanks, Jessica!

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