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CB I Hate Perfume

February 14th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Burning Leaves PerfumeY’know that bit in Type O Negative’s “Black No. 1” about, “Her perfume smells like burning leaves…every day is Halloween?” Check it out: Burning Leaves perfume (“the smoke of burning maple leaves”).

Perfumer Christopher Brosius hates perfume, but in addition to Burning Leaves he offers scents like November, Forest/Wild Hunt, and In the Library. Sounds like our kind of hater.

In addition to blended perfumes, he also offers single-note accords (I’m rather taken with “Wet Pavement London” and somewhat less sure about “Locker Room”), moth-battling wardrobe sprays, and fragrances for the home. (He also apparently does custom fragrances, but according to the site he isn’t currently taking on new clients.)

If you’re looking for an unusual scent, this is an interesting place to browse around.

(via Cult of the Great Pumpkin)

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