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March 21st, 2014 by Cobwebs

Fairy Hunter – This awesome artwork from Davesrightmind depicts one of the natural predators of fairies.

Head in a Jar – Easy, striking kid’s costume, which appears to be inspired by this how-to guide. xJane, who sent the link, plans to make a Marie Antoinette version for herself.

Horror Fiction – A good roundup of vintage-y, free, fiction.

Creepy Skull Slouch Hat – Crochet pattern for a hat full of li’l skulls.

Steampunk “Thing” – Lovely sculpture which reimagines the Addams Family “Thing” as a clockwork hand.

8 Hilariously Nonthreatening Monsters from Japanese Folklore – A list of creatures who are somewhat less horrifying than ghostly long-haired little girls.

Armor Corsets – Although these look like they’d be rather ouchy to sit down in, they’re undeniably lovely.

Freya Jobbins – Artist who makes sculptures out of doll parts. A little NSFW; really damn creepy.

Colorized History – There’s a whole subReddit devoted to colorizing old photos. LEAP provides a small sample.

Skull Cake – Easy way to make understated skull-and-crossbones designs in icing. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

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