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So I Married a Link Dump

March 7th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Blueprint of the Addams Family House – Good-looking print of the house plans; apparently based on this drawing by Mark Bennett.

Frightfully Good Halloween Fonts – The Graphics Fairy has a nice roundup of spooky fonts, free for download. (Hat tip to xJane)

ShoeBakery – Specializes in custom shoes that look like desserts.

Plush Giant Isopod – Who doesn’t want to cuddle with an adorably realistic giant bug? Also available through Amazon because why not. (via Cat)

What Will You Leave Behind? – Art installation by Nino Sarabutra, featuring 100,000 small porcelain skulls on the floor. You’re supposed to walk on them barefoot as you go through the gallery. Supposed to be meditative; mainly looks ouchy.

Knitted Snail Tea Cozy – Ahem. Squee.

Ouija Coffee Table – Instructable for making a really nice ouija board coffee table. Includes a download of the stencil used.

Dr. Woo’s Tattoos – These are restrained, monochrome, and amazing.

Edgar Allan Poe’s Interior Design Proscriptions – Poe wrote an essay on interior design. I like his style.

“Face” Mask – (NSFW for gore.) I’ve mentioned Sandra Holmbom (“PsychoSandra”) previously. One of her new makeup effects makes it look like you’re wearing a domino mask made of your own skin.

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