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Taxidermy Art

April 17th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Bike SeatArtist Clem Chen altered a couple of reclaimed bicycle seats with taxidermy parts to create the marvelous sculptures Bite It and Pink Eye (despite the eye in question clearly being purple).

According to his description, the parts are held together with construction adhesive and 2-part epoxy glue, with additional detail sculpted using epoxy putty. The body was sprayed matte black, and the fine details were painted in acrylic. (I also like Chen’s Eye Robot, an additional sculpture that incorporates taxidermy parts.)

I’m sort of wondering how durable these could be made, because a real bike seat modified with fangs or eyeballs (or both) would look amazing. The eyes would also look great on shoes; they could be given an inset appearance using Sugru or, if you’re particularly ambitious, the shoes could be covered with faux fur.

Taxidermy eyes come in a wide variety of styles, including slit-pupil reptile eyes; there’s even a Nite Eyes kit which will make predator eyes light up. Jawsets are similarly varied, and if you prefer you can purchase plain jaws and tongues separately. And who wouldn’t want an individual tongue? (The tongues in particular are cheap enough that it’d be fun to get one and quietly leave it in the company breakroom.)

A selection of eyes or other bits would also look interesting individually framed and massed on a wall. They’re a unique, reasonably inexpensive, way to add a little creepiness to just about anything.

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