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April 25th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Afterlife with Archie – Comic series that plunks the Riverdale gang into a zombie apocalypse. Weirdly, this is more than a one-off gag; the stories are reported to be quite well-written.

All-Girl Frankenstein – Interesting-sounding production of Frankenstein in which all of the parts are played by women. The same group has an All-Girl Edgar Allan Poe scheduled for later this year. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

My Daddy Stays Home – A stay-at-home dad draws a cute little cartoon to put in his daughter’s lunchbox each day. Then he posts them on his blog with more adult captions to amuse the grownups.

Schrödinger’s Cat Speaks – The thought experiment from the viewpoint of the cat. This is oddly touching. (via xJane)

Peeps Seance – It’s the portrait on the wall that really makes this.

Moon Raven Designs – Etsy shop full of intricate, creepy jewelry. (Hat tip to Sisifo)

The Coolest Tattoo Artists in the World – These pieces are just astonishing.

Foreverrr – MC Chris’ concept album about the romance between “a lonely ghost and a grandmotherly sexbot who’s taken up residence in a haunted house.”

Archaeologist Tired Of Unearthing Unspeakable Ancient Evils – An amusing article from The Onion. (via WitchArachne)

The Birds to be Remade – Hollywood has apparently run clear the hell out of original ideas.

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