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Great Party Activity Idea

September 3rd, 2014 by Cobwebs

Celtic CrossBoingBoing recently featured an article about the creation and marketing of a new card game called Slash, the object of which involves pairing up fictional characters. That game sounds fun, but what caught my eye was something in the comments: The thread included several complaints about the game Cards Against Humanity and its playability seeming stale after a while. Commenter snowmentality offered this solution:

You know what also works amazingly well? CAH tarot readings. A simple Celtic Cross tarot spread, laid out with CAH cards: hours of party entertainment.

Well that’s just brilliant.

For those not familiar with the game, Cards Against Humanity is an irreverent card game in which players select their “answer” cards which best fit a “question” card. (So, for the question “What are my parents hiding from me?” answers might include “Harry Potter erotica,” “Italians,” and “Grandma.”)

So yes, I can definitely see the potential hilarity in having one’s “future” card in the tarot spread wind up as something like “Tentacle porn,” “Grave robbing,” or “Raptor attacks.”

CAH is a great party game anyway, and once you feel that you’ve exhausted its potential in its intended use, you can start all over again with this variation. Good stuff.

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