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A Most Violent Link Dump

February 13th, 2015 by Cobwebs

12 Zodiac Signs Reborn as Terrifying Monsters – Today’s horoscope: You will be messily slaughtered.

Vintage Monster Valentines – These Topps Valentines featuring classic monsters are fabulous.

Meet the Family – A collection of antique cabinet cards, surreally altered by artist Colin Batty. You can see some examples and buy prints of individual cards at Peculiarium (about halfway down the page).

Handicorn – Turn your boring old hand into a unicorn with these finger puppets. I love this much more than I should.

Enchanted Forest Mushroom Lights – Instructable for making li’l glowy mushrooms. Be sure to check the comments, where one person shared a pretty blue version.

The Stock Photobomber – Art director Matthew Vescovo amuses himself by photoshopping his image into stock photography.

Origami Vampire Fangs – There are several steps, but origami-wise this is a fairly straightforward design. (Hat tip to xJane)

omgliterallydead – The Instagram account of Skellie, a plastic skeleton that appears to have a better social life than I do.

Texts from Jane Eyre – Mallory Ortberg of The Toast has a book which imagines texts from various literary characters.

Cthulhu Valentines – A very dapper Old One woos his fishy paramour.

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