The Art of Darkness

Another Darn Week of Link Dumps: Day 4

March 17th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Victorian Gothic Gothic – “There is mist on the moor. There is always mist on the moor. Seasons have no meaning here.”

Thorn Bracelet – Easy instructions for making a leather bracelet that looks like a thorny vine.

7 Famous Death Masks – A roundup.

Bat Costume – Shagpoke Studios makes custom creature costumes and accessories. This bat costume they recently did for the Vancouver Parks Board is awesome.

Incredible Photographic Recreations of Hieronymus Bosch Paintings – Photographer Lori Pond has recreated real-life figures and scenes from some of Bosch’s paintings.

Skin – Horror novel by Patrick Logan, the first in the “Insatiable” series (sequels include Crackers and Flesh), featuring a Wendigo-ish-sounding monster.

Steampunk Mr. Potato Head – Cute mod at Instructables.

Murder Pamphlets – Online collection of the lurid “true crime” pamphlets that were popular in the 19th Century.

Spooky Knit Patterns – Some free patterns from Lion Brand Yarn. (You have to register at the site to access them, which is why the link goes to some photos at CRAFT.) I like the witch-finger gloves.

Potion Jars – Adorable little prop jars made of old pill bottles covered with polymer clay.

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