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Head Like a Holder

April 13th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Doll Head Candle HolderThe Little Joseph candleholder is a hand-painted ceramic doll’s head that probably moves around on its own at night. Although the commercially-available version is, uh, pricey,* there are a variety of ways that something reasonably similar could be made at home.

The easiest method would be to get a ceramic doll head (available at dollmaking suppliers, eBay, some craft stores, and occasionally at thrift shops) and epoxy a small disc-type candleholder to its noggin. If you have access to a hole saw, you could drill a candle-sized hole in the top instead.

If you’d rather make something a little more custom, look around for a “make your own pottery”-type store in your area (they seem to pop up like mushrooms). Get an unfired (greenware) doll head, drill a hole in the top, paint as desired, and have the store fire it for you.

Make sure that the doll head has a steady base or is carefully secured; you don’t want it rolling over with a lit candle inside.

The finished effect is nicely creepy, especially after some wax has built up; you can see some additional photos here.

*I wouldn’t spend $100 on a candleholder that didn’t give people the fantods, let alone something I had to hide when my mom came to visit.

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