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Love in the Time of Link Dumps

April 15th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Oddity Mall – Clearinghouse of weird stuff available to buy online.

Silence Tally Mark Day – If you’re a Whovian, this would be amusing to do on April 23.

The Strange Case of Mr William T. Horton – Public Domain Review looks at a largely-forgotten artist whose works are reminiscent of Aubrey Beardsley. I adore the one captioned “Giving heed to seducing spirits,” since it mainly just looks like a woman who’s annoyed because an octopus is clinging to her head. (Hat tip to pdq)

Kara’s Rat World – World Rat Day was April 4, so here are some adorable rats to celebrate.

Georgina Ryland – Makeup artist who does detailed eye makeup effects. The li’l ghost at the end of the photoset looks reasonably easy to replicate.

Eldritch Crib – Gorgeously tentacular carved wooden crib.

The Biology of B-Movie Monsters – Giant ants vs. the Cube-Square Law and much more.

Nevertold Casket Company – A Seattle-based shop specializing in unique, spooky antiques and tchotchkes. Sadly, they don’t have an online shop, but you can drool over their photos.

The 10 Most Horrific Methods of Execution Throughout History – A roundup.

Vampire Bunny Plush Tutorial – Who doesn’t need more vampire bunnies in their life?

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