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The Best Love Song Written for a Rat You Will Hear All Day

October 11th, 2012 by Cobwebs

A number of people responded to the last entry in the most recent Death is Not an Option by saying, “Willard? Never heard of it.”* Yes, Willard was a highly popular horror movie in the early 70s, and it even spawned a sequel, Ben. Which included a sentimental song, to Ben, sung by Michael Jackson. It reached the top of the pop charts, was nominated for an Academy Award, and is counted as Jackson’s first #1 solo hit. (And was originally written for Donny Osmond, which makes it extra-weird.)

Here, enjoy 13-year-old Michael Jackson at the Oscars, singing a love song about a murderous rat.

*Children! You are all children who read my blog!!! And also get off of my lawn.

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  1. xJane Says:

    “One fifth of the Jackson Five.” I love it. RIP, King of Pop.

  2. Patti Says:

    OMG! I remember going to the drive in to see both movies! My sister bought a rat at the pet store afterwards. Parents were angry…the cat ate it later!

  3. pensive Says:

    We actually watched the remake of Willard last night. It was Chevalier’s night to pick a movie. Love that film.

    I assumed the song was written for something else and just used in the movie. I like it better now. So sappy and awful, but if it’s about a murderous rat thats cool.

  4. Kaitlin Michelle Says:

    I loved the remake of Willard. His mom was so freaking weird.
    “Willard is such an ugly name, your name is Clark now, Willard. Good night Clark.”
    UMMM didn’t you name him!

  5. ysha Says:

    My very first stuffed animal was a rat named Willard. I never questioned it at the time, but my dad might be a little weird for getting me a stuffed rat. *laughs*

  6. Sisifo Says:

    1) I am 25 and I totally knew about the movie Willard. I’ve just never seen it.
    2) This song. About a rat. Nominated. Really?
    3) I’ll have to look around and find out more about this Ben.
    4) I liked MJ better black.

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