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January 23rd, 2009 by Cobwebs

Yeah, yeah, yeah, phonin’ it in with another link dump. Sue me.

Shrunken Head Necklace – Cute little pendant made of polymer clay and wool.

Dragon Cake – Every time I think I have reasonably good cake-decorating skills, I run into something like this.

People Eat the Weirdest Things – Roundup, with photos, of some odd cuisine. (Although inexplicably they overlooked balut.)

Full Moon Industries – Image-heavy site devoted to spooky things. Good source of inspiration.

Knitting for Psychos – Flickr set (no instructions) of all kinds of cutely-dismembered creatures.

Elysian Fields – Neat wallpaper with a subtle bat motif. Expensive, but very pretty.

Electric Bath Duckie – “One Use Only.”

Eyeball Garnish – Instructions for making the most disgustingly realistic drink garnish you’re ever going to see. You will wince to look at it.

Barbie Wreath – Unusual bondage-esque decoration made of wire-wrapped Barbie dolls.

Disney Celebrates You – This isn’t exactly spooky, but it amuses me because of my Disney roots and it’s actually quite well done. Enter a person’s name and the site will generate a customized “news video” about how the Disneyland parks are going to honor that person.

Spiderweb Watch – Very pretty wristwatch with a spiderweb case.

Nightmare Playgrounds: Part 1 and Part 2 – Playground sculptures that will give small children the fantods. I especially like the shot of the little girl sitting on Cthulhu’s lap.

Making Vinegar – with…Science!

Zombie Cross-stitch – “Zombies only want you for your brains.”

Rattlesnake Glass Holder – Realistic rattlesnake that coils around a standard pint glass.

The Recently Deflowered Girl – Odd little humorous “etiquette” book, offering “The Right Thing To Say On Every Dubious Occasion.” Illustrated by Edward Gorey. (Safe for Work.)

Fire Meets Desire – I have a couple of comments about this: My non-U.S. readers probably have no knowledge of Burger King’s mascot (for which you surely have fewer nightmares), but he’s a guy in a creepy-looking plastic mask. Last month, Burger King ostensibly launched a new men’s fragrance which featured “a hint of flame-broiled meat.” It was taken at face value all over the news, although the whole thing screams “viral marketing campaign” to me. (The single place where you can buy the fragrance is perpetually out of stock.) However–however!–their promotional site for the cologne is pretty damn funny. Keep clicking, and you’ll see what I mean.

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  1. Apryl Says:

    I saw this on failblog.. well celeb whatever and thought of you.. or rather the t-shirt your other half made.

    off to have a look at various links.

  2. Marin Says:

    I can vouch for the Burger King fragrance. I’m a bit of a perfume freak, so my daily blog reading hipped me to the stuff three days before the media got ‘hold of it. I ordered four.

    Now, I haven’t actually sprayed any yet, but I’ve sniffed around the edges and it smells like Old Spice.

  3. Cobwebs Says:

    I’m impressed. I think I’d almost be more comfortable if it *was* a viral marketing ad campaign. Meat-scented perfume is…odd.

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