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2,000th Post Extravaganza

August 14th, 2014 by Cobwebs

If by “extravaganza” you mean “mildly interesting giveaway.”

I started this silly blog clear back in February of 2007 and began posting every weekday in June of that year. The ol’ blog statistics tell me that this is my 2,000th post. That seems like it should be worthy of some kind of celebration, so I am going to give away a Surprise Box o’ Gothy Stuff to three lucky(?) commenters.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post by Friday, August 22. Specifically, you have to tell me something nice about yourself. Doesn’t matter what; could be, “I didn’t kick any puppies today. Yet.” Just something you like about yourself or that makes you happy. Three commenters will be chosen at random.

(Non-U.S. folks are more than welcome to play along, although shipping might be slower.)

Thanks for hanging out on this blog with me, for however long you’ve been here.

Update: – I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed everybody’s comments, and wish I could send everybody a prize. I have the best readers in the world.

As for the winners, spat back numbers 32, 4, and 23. Those folks will be emailed separately for their snail-mail addresses. Thanks to everyone who commented!

Update the Second: – After multiple attempts I can’t get in touch with one of the winners, so I re-picked. This time gave me #19. That person has been mailed separately.

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  1. The Retropolitan Says:

    I once held the door for Sam Waterston. He didn’t seem to appreciate it.

  2. Andrea Says:

    Put up the new Happy Halloween flag on our porch today – smiling the whole time because now I get to recycle the old flag into a pillow or something :)

  3. Fiend4Halloween Says:

    I rescued a dog from an abusive owner and adopted it, along with adopting another dog from a no-kill shelter this year.

    –shout out to my dogs!– woof!

    Happy 2,000th post!!

  4. Goth. Gardener Says:

    I no longer drown slugs in beer even when they destroy my garden because slug-drowning isn’t nice!

    Shout out to the slugs… Nevermind, they can’t hear. But wait, I am fluent in American Sign Language… Still, slugs don’t know how to communicate in sign language and are basically dumb AND I still don’t drown them.

  5. Alea Says:

    I am currently growing a human!

  6. Cranky Amy Says:

    I donate my time to my local library and my Coke Rewards points to a local school . . .

  7. Liisa Says:

    I make Halloween props and decor…and have a tattoo of The Haunted Mansion.

  8. Crafting Envy Says:

    I practiced drawing faces today and only cursed 3 or 4 times. And I just finished a Skull Throw Pillow that looks half-way decent!

  9. Pixel Pixie Says:

    I’m dressed like a goth version of a mean librarian today. (All I need to complete the look is carry around hardcover versions of the complete works of Poe and Dracula – both of which I own.)

  10. Mimsy Says:

    My poem is getting published! To your 2,000th post and many more!

  11. Kaitlin Michelle Says:

    Congrats on your blog reaching 2,000 posts! How exciting!
    I have the most epic Alice in Wonderland tattoo, from hip to foot!

    What is the nice thing about yourself?

  12. Kathy White Says:

    I like to make Goth and Steampunk dolls in both fabric and using polymer clay. Recently I took a class in altering those poor porcelain dolls one finds at the thrift store into nifty scary art dolls!

  13. Medal Whore Says:

    I needed a better identity for your blog so i didn’t ruin the vibe, and since I’m bad at monikers I let xJane pick.

  14. jeanne e. Says:

    2000 posts! that is epic and awesome! congratulations! something nice about myself? i like to make quilts and gift them to friends. :)

  15. Jes Says:

    I Love My Sense Of Humor. I Find Myself Hysterical.

  16. xJane Says:

    OMEGs, congratulations!!! My positive act today is that I most definitely have not slaughtered the entire marketing department. You have no idea the kind of restraint that has required.

  17. Chris Says:

    I obeyed the millions of tiny screams in my head and watered the lawn today. Also, I let my teenage son sleep until 4pm today which apparently makes me “Father-of-The-Year.”

  18. Tanya Says:

    I quote The Princess Bride, Monty Python and The Holy Grail and Tank Girl on an almost daily basis. I find this highly amusing. My daughter… not so much.

    Congrats on such a huge milestone. I’ve been reading for a few years now and have played around with some of the ideas you’ve given. I tried the mummified faerie once. It was a disaster, but I had a grand ole time doing it, so it wasn’t a complete bust.

  19. Patti Says:

    Congrats! You put a lot of effort into this blog, and I love how much info you share.

    This morning my cat caught a lizard and let it go on my bed. I do not mind lizards, but it is not the best way to be awakened.

  20. Bruno Says:

    Since your “Better New Year’s Resolutions” post came out in 2011, I’ve been assigning myself a handful whacky, intentionally vague resolutions each year. It’s been life changing.

  21. Mackenzie Says:

    I love this blog!!!

    Um, my job is assisting with brain surgery :)

  22. Sally Says:

    Four of the last five years I participated in NaNoWriMo and won three of them… Now I just need to edit without ripping things apart :)

  23. WitchArachne Says:

    I can’t believe it’s only been 7 years. And I’ve been around for even less than that. It feels like we’ve been friends forever by now. Congratumalations!

    Ok something good: I realised yesterday when I went for a job interview that, while I was a bit scared, I was actually more excited than scared. This is a HUGE change from years ago when I would panic just leaving the house. I am SO happy about this. So happy.

  24. KG Says:

    I’m un-decorating my Halloween room so that my s-i-l can move into it and put up her own things. :) But soon I can decorate the whole house for Halloween so I’ve got that going for me which is nice.

  25. Jori Says:

    I’m going to New Orleans for Halloween this year! My first husband ; ) and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary.

  26. Nyxx Says:

    Congrats on the 2,000 post! I am donating like 2/3 of my closet to Goodwill this week, hopefully some other goth in this city will find some good treasures later :)

  27. StoneMaven Says:

    I’m taking my kids to Arkansas to toil in the crystal mines!

  28. Beth Says:

    Um… Earlier in the week I “rescued” a drunken fool who was running and standing in front of oncoming traffic. Does that count?

  29. hottie fox Says:

    My screen name is my nickname from work…I volunteer as our 9-1-1 For Kids mascot and have to wear a huge super hot inside fox costume and make appearances at different kids events in our area.

  30. hng23 Says:

    I was born on Hallowe’en. This may be the only nice thing about me.

  31. LeadChipmunk Says:

    I am still sticking to my diet! Sure, I only started today, but I’m still doing better than the past *mumble*dozen*mumble* times I tried!

  32. Laurie Says:

    I found your store first and then your blog when I was searching for ideas for a Hallowedding. My husband and I were married on Halloween 2009. I wore a red and black dress with skulls on it. We had a coffin to receive gifts and walked down the aisle to the theme from Halloween. Thank you for your posts, I have been following them since!

  33. lanenk Says:

    I just got back from Vegas where I saw a scantily clad Spartan almost getting into a fight with some drunk guys but then Mr T and Rick James intervened and the drunk guys went away.

  34. Misty Says:

    I am a British 90’s style goth and a science fiction scholar! *.*

    Your blog is excellent – I appreciate how consistent you are with your posts! I always admire a dedicated person :)

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