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OMG (Zombie) Ponies!!!

January 15th, 2009 by Cobwebs

MaulieEvil Mad Scientist Labs recently received a freebie plush pony named “Molly,” who sadly was soon attacked and killed by zombies. Fortunately they have Mad Arcane Skillz and were able to reanimate her as “Maulie,” the zombie pony.

They’ve posted detailed instructions with lots of pictures describing her transformation. The same technique should work with a variety of plush toys, so if you’ve ever wanted to zombify a favorite teddy bear, now’s your chance.

Incidentally, don’t let the fact that this involves working with simple electronics dissuade you from trying something similar. LEDs are easy to wire (here’s a tutorial to get you started), and once you’re comfortable using a soldering iron there are all kinds of neat projects just waiting for you.

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