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Chocolate Frogs

January 22nd, 2009 by Cobwebs

Chocolate FrogI recently ran across this neat pattern for an unusual papercraft box, and it reminded me about the Great Chocolate Frog Project.

Several years ago, when Shadaughter was very much a fan of the Harry Potter series, we decided to give our annual Halloween party a Harry Potter theme. (We weren’t anywhere near as gung-ho as Britta is, but we lived up to my family’s motto* anyway.) One of our party favors was chocolate frogs.

We used a frog candy mold to cast the frogs, and each was presented with a special “trading card.” F’rinstance:

Famous Wizards

Merlin tutored the young King Arthur and helped chart the course of British history. His use of the Soopergloo charm enabled only Arthur to pull a sword from a stone, thus winning him the throne. After Arthur was defeated by Mordred, Merlin went into show business. He is best known for his smash-hit musicals “No, No, Nimue” and “A Hard Day’s Knight.”

After the first movie came out a few members of my Halloween listserv decided to replicate the box, and I offered my cards as part of the package. So, if you’d like to try your hand at your own chocolate frogs (they really do make nice party favors), check out Minions Web for complete instructions.

*If a Thing is Worth Doing, it is Worth Overdoing.

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