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Link Dump – The All-Cake Edition

December 4th, 2009 by Cobwebs

I’ve somehow managed to collect a whole load of cake-related links, so you guys get them all in one whack. Enjoy.

Zombie Attack – The bride and groom on top are fighting off zombies climbing up the tiers.

Sunday Sweets: Steampunk – Cake Wrecks rounds up some lovely examples.

Halloween Cakes – Several homemade birthday cakes. The eyeball one gives me the fantods.

H.R. Giger Cake – Another one I’ve seen several places, but it’s Just. So. Awesome. I think it’s the top hat and veil on the little chestbursters that really does it.

Zombie Cake – Gorgeous sculpted cake by The Bleeding Heart Bakery.

Creepy Crawly Cakes – Another roundup from Cake Wrecks. The naked mole rat one is awesome.

Cthulhu Cake – Lots of tentacly goodness.

Gobs of Skull Cakes – A couple of these have been widely blogged, but I hadn’t seen some of the others. I like the sugar skull one especially. (Additional points for this particular blog being devoted to the twin interests of skulls and bacon. That’s…a combination.)

Halloween Cakes – Roundup from Endless Simmer. I love the spider one.

Tauntaun Groom’s Cake – With little sculpted entrails!

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