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Soft Sculpture Skulls

December 17th, 2009 by Cobwebs

SkullsEtsy seller missbutler specializes in Latin-inspired soft sculpture and accessories, like this spider ponytail holder and skull buttons. I’m especially fond of these sugar skull ornaments, not only as decorative accents but as inspiration for a similar DIY project.

The skulls could be made from cotton fabric (use the pattern from my skull pillow project) and decorated with puffy fabric paint. They could be stuffed with fiberfill, but you might also consider filling them with potpourri and using them as sachets (make sure that whatever potpourri you use doesn’t have an oily residue that might stain the fabric). They could also be filled with those little plastic pellets used for beanbags and turned into paperweights.

The materials are inexpensive, so you could create a whole bunch of skulls with different designs. Hang them on a tree or pile them in a pretty basket. You could even write guests’ names on them and use them as placecards for a special party. Fun! Easy!

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