The Art of Darkness

Card a Stranger

December 10th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Wondermark suggested this previously, and I quite like the idea of making some stranger’s life a little more surreal.

The idea is simple: If you’ve got a holiday card or two left over after you send out your greetings for the season, choose a stranger’s name out of the phone book and send one to them. Include your family newsletter or other “personal but slightly banal” note, along with a warm greeting. They might be puzzled, they might assume you’ve made a mistake, they might be touched. There’s no way to be sure, but you’ll certainly provoke some kind of reaction.

Since my holiday cards tend to involve vampires or Edward Gorey, I plan to have more fun than average in my quest to bring a little weirdness into some else’s life.

Read the original post over at Wondermark for more suggestions, including how not to be messily axe-murdered. That’s always important.

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