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Pterodactyl Dresser

April 7th, 2010 by Cobwebs

DresserThis is just adorable. Craftster member isfive is decorating her son’s nursery, but she can’t paint the walls because she’s renting. Instead she’s adding a big dollop of color by hand-stenciling this fantastic dresser. There are photos on her Craftster post and great project details on her blog.

I love the clean graphic look of the stencils, and this is just a wonderful (and inexpensive!) way to bring some color to a room without painting the walls. I particularly like stencils because they don’t require the artistic level that hand-painting does, so you can turn out professional-looking results with relatively little effort.

Obviously, you could go a bit darker by replacing the pterodactyls with bats; it would still be cute for a child’s room if they were nonthreatening fairy-tale sorts of bats, perhaps issuing from a castle window. For a more grown-up look, you might use bolder colors and spookier bats. Other creepy critters with strong silhouettes would also be good candidates for the stencil treatment: A dresser with drawers that alternated spiders and webs would be wonderfully dramatic.

(via CRAFT)

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