The Art of Darkness

The Link Dump of the Rue Morgue

April 9th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Alice in Wonderland Hair Clips – Cute and easy idea for using scraps of fabric you can’t bear to part with.

Paint Strip Wall Decoration – Room “wallpapered” with decoupaged hardware-store paint swatches. This would be an interesting design done with things like wine labels or vintage photographs, too.

8 Unconventional Ways to be Buried – The title is a bit of a misnomer, since this is actually a list of ways to dispose of human remains, none of which involve actual burial.

Miskatonic University Hazard Labels – Downloadable labels warning of various dire supernatural hazards.

404 Page – This site’s error message amused me.

The Trembling Veil of Bones – In addition to having a seriously awesome title, this film’s plot sounds intriguing.

Potency – Artist Nina Maria Kleivan dressed her baby daughter Faustina up as various evil dictators to illustrate how everyone begins life the same. Now that the kid has a taste for minions (not to mention a name like Faustina), she’s bound to grow up to be an Imperial Overlord.

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