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The Link Dump of the Ancient Mariner

April 22nd, 2011 by Cobwebs

Black Milk – Interesting bodysuits and leggings. The Leg Bones and Black Ribs would be cute as a matching set.

The Alice Tarot – A lovely set of limited-edition tarot cards (not yet released, apparently) featuring characters from Alice in Wonderland.

Lines Cut from the Royal Wedding Invitation – :::giggle:::

Buntacles – The cutest mashup of a bunny and a cephalopod that you’re ever likely to see. First you snorgle it, and then it eats your face off.

This is Not Porn – Deeply, deeply peculiar photos of celebrities.

Poorly Dressed – Amusing T-shirt fail. (Hat tip to Empress Pam)

Myths RETOLD – Hi-larious stream-of-consciousness recounting of various myths and legends. You will laugh.

Beat Black – Etsy store with all sorts of unusual polymer clay jewelry, much of it anatomy-inspired.

Gloomth – Lovely goth clothing and accessories.

Fade to Bluegrass – What is it about Metallica that inspires so many weird-ass tribute bands? (There’s also a second album, and the same band does a tribute to Ozzy Osbourne.)

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