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Lucy in the Sky with Link Dumps

April 8th, 2011 by Cobwebs

How to Dress Goth – For those of us who might need instructions.

Cufflinks – Etsy seller which specializes in cufflinks made from Legos. The little skull cufflinks are cute (and would probably be DIY-able). Also has another Etsy store, Gr0glmann, which does Lego jewelry.

Bride of Frankenstein – Gallery of “Bride” images.

Amazingly Designed “It’s a Boy!” Card – This is brilliant. (Not precisely NSFW, but might make you slightly uncomfortable if your boss is staring over your shoulder.)

Haunted Memory Box – Instructions for making and decorating a ridiculously cute little box for spooky mementos.

Vampire e-Reader Sleeve – Good inspiration for a custom e-Reader cover.

How to Apply Henna (Mehndi) on Your Hands – Nice tutorial, including some design tips.

Play Dead – Potential movie (they need funding to finish it) that appears to amount to “The Incredible Journey” with zombies.

Custom Cranium – Maker of “snuff stuffies” and other osteo-oddities. I particularly like this hat.

I, Cthulhu – Amusing short story by Neil Gaiman.

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