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Easy Skeletal Brooch

May 12th, 2011 by Cobwebs

BroochHere’s a knockoff that I think I like better than the original. Kirsten of Studs and Pearls was inspired by this silver-and-crystal brooch to create this far (far!) cheaper alternative. She’s posted a tutorial, which could hardly be easier: Spray-paint a plastic skeleton hand (available at party and craft stores around Halloween or year-round at Pushin’ Daisies) in the desired color, glue on rhinestones, and attach a brooch pinback. This is a super-cute fastener for a scarf or decoration for a tote bag.

You could go further and cover the entire hand with rhinestones, or do the “blood dripping” thing from the original using a string of little red seed beads. If rhinestones aren’t your thing you could spray it with glue and coat it with glitter, or decorate it with puff paint.

Since the plastic is lightweight, you could decorate several hands in different styles and mass them together on a sweater or run them along a purse strap. It’s certainly an arresting (and inexpensive!) way to make a statement.

(via Creepy Cupcakes)

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