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Alpha Stamps

May 16th, 2011 by Cobwebs

Crow StampEvery so often I run across a site and immediately regret it, because I can easily envision it sucking all of the money out of my bank account. The latest entry on that list is Alpha Stamps.

ShellHawk’s Nest recently pointed to their Halloween Stamps page, noting that they’d be excellent motivation to start scrapbooking. They would indeed, and it turns out that Alpha has many more items than just stamps to spend money on enhance your creativity.

They’ve got things like “vampire” epoxy stickers, “death” tarot collage sheets, skeletal cameos, and entire collections devoted to Halloween, Steampunk, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and many more.

The site also features tutorials for interesting projects like a haunted house decoration and an Alice in Wonderland lunch box.

One thing I particularly like about the layout is their use of “inspirational” thumbnails throughout the catalog, suggesting interesting uses for various items. The sugar skull stamp, for instance, is accompanied by a beaded, embroidered patch featuring the design. They also have an entire gallery of items made with their products, which is a fantastic source of design ideas.

If you’re looking for the perfect little detail piece for a craft project, check this site out. They have all sorts of lovely things.

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