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Michael Miller Fabric

June 8th, 2011 by Cobwebs

Michael Miller FabricI recently ran across some pretty skull-print damask fabric, and upon poking around discovered that the designer has quite a number of goth-friendly patterns. Here are some of my favorites:

Skull Damask – This would be wonderful for upholstered items.

Fairy Frost – Pretty all-over pattern that would be nice as part of a quilt. Comes in several contrasting colors, including blood red.

“Pirates” Fabric – Cotton fabric featuring skulls and knitting needles. There’s also a version with scissors. (And may I just comment at how tired I am of skull-and-crossbones imagery being so thoroughly co-opted by the “pirate” crowd?)

Luna Moth – I love how delicate and lacy these moths look.

Bonehead – Kitschy, colorful skulls.

Ornate Crosses – Gorgeous gothy crosses on a black background.

Petals – Black fabric with a subtle rose design. I’d love a dress made out of this. There’s also a really dramatic red version.

Venice Floral Script – Black flowers on a cream background. This would be another lovely fabric for a dress.

Zelda – Black-and-white floral design that looks like patterned lace.

Delovely Damask – Another very formal fabric that would be great for home decor. Available in a number of shades including onyx, linen, and cherry.

Knitmare on Elm Street – This is just sort of bizarre, featuring a repeating pattern of Chinese take-out with knitting needles instead of chopsticks, dogs and cats interacting with knitting, the skeleton of someone who appears to have died whilst knitting and rotted right where they sat, and an annoyed-looking kid in a hoodie who has no noticeable connection with knitting; perhaps he’s annoyed because he accidentally wandered into the wrong fabric. I’m assuming drugs were involved in the development of this design.

Knitty Gritty Skully – Vintage-looking skull and crossbones on a rather formal background pattern. (And this one doesn’t mention pirates. Yay!)

There are lots of other patterns that would be great for quilting, crafts, or home decor. If you’re looking for some unique fabric for a sewing project, go take a look.

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