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I Vant You…

June 23rd, 2011 by Cobwebs


…to donate blood.

Okay, mainly I just wanted an excuse to use this picture, BUT donating blood is an activity that every goth should be able to get behind. You bleed. It makes you paler. Plus you get cookies!

Blood, plasma, and platelets are almost always in short supply, and the need for blood is particularly critical in the aftermath of natural disasters. Giving blood is free, so you can help people even if you aren’t able to donate money. (Plus, if you’re on the introverted side, giving blood lets you help your fellow humans without actually having to deal with your fellow humans.)

I’ve been a donor for years–I’ve given slightly over 6 gallons so far–and Shadow Jack and I even requested that our wedding guests arrange to donate blood in lieu of gifts. Every pint can save up to three lives, so with very little time and effort on your part you can give lots of other people the chance to enjoy another sunset. (I also sort of enjoy the image of someone receiving a pint of our blood and suddenly developing an inexplicable fondness for black eyeliner and Joy Division.)

If you’re over 16 and healthy, check with your local Red Cross to find out about donating. Bela will thank you.

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