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The Best Love Song Written for a Rat You Will Hear All Day

October 11th, 2012 by Cobwebs

A number of people responded to the last entry in the most recent Death is Not an Option by saying, “Willard? Never heard of it.”* Yes, Willard was a highly popular horror movie in the early 70s, and it even spawned a sequel, Ben. Which included a sentimental song, to Ben, sung by Michael Jackson. It reached the top of the pop charts, was nominated for an Academy Award, and is counted as Jackson’s first #1 solo hit. (And was originally written for Donny Osmond, which makes it extra-weird.)

Here, enjoy 13-year-old Michael Jackson at the Oscars, singing a love song about a murderous rat.

*Children! You are all children who read my blog!!! And also get off of my lawn.

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