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Young Link Dumps in Love

July 26th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Random Name Generators – Loads of generators for helpful things like titles of magic books, fairy names, and aliens.

Clouds – This Medium Large strip made me giggle.

It’s Worse Than We Thought – Insanely-complicated cross stitch based on a panel from the Walking Dead comic book.

Epic Star Wars Wedding Photo – It’s not goth, but I adore the layout.

Insectomanie – Wonderfully creepy embroidered bugs by artist Catherine Rosselle.

“The Ring” Wake-Up Prank – Guy decided to see what his girlfriend would do if she woke up to find a “ghost” emerging from the TV screen. Other than “get a new boyfriend.” (Reading about other pranks he’s pulled in the video description, he sounds like kind of a dick.)

North American Lake Monsters – Collection of short stories by Nathan Ballingrud. Tor has one of the stories, The Monsters of Heaven, available free online.

The Best Black Plants – A roundup, plus a book recommendation. (Hat tip to Terri)

Night Witches – Interesting article about female fighter pilots in WWII who had one of the most badass names ever.

Motomichi – Site of artist Motomichi Nakamura where you can buy things like a Mongolian Death Worm plush and Mothman wall decals.

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