The Art of Darkness

Zombie Art by Tommy Arnold

September 12th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Jenny the Bloggess was recently honored with a zombie likeness of herself in a Kickstarter-funded card game called They’re Coming. I’m not usually a fan of zombie art–too oozy–but I have to admit that this is pretty badass:

Zombie Bloggess

This particular piece was done by Tommy Arnold, whose art sort of puts me in mind of Frank Frazetta’s stuff (there are only a few pieces in his portfolio, but his blog has lots more). His site notes that he’s available for freelance work, so it might be possible to commission a piece similar to Jenny’s (I have no idea what the cost might be).

This would be a really unique way to commemorate a wedding or other special occasion. If zombies aren’t your thing there should be plenty of other options, from vampires to superheroes to gladiators. Smaller prints of the work would also be nice as wedding invitations or reception favors.

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