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“Rocking” Chair

September 18th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Rocking ChairWhat a great idea for recycling old band T-shirts. ElderGoth Tina commissioned Anno Domini to upholster a chair using her collection of vintage band T-shirts. I’ve heard of turning beloved T-shirts into quilts or throw pillows, but the upholstery idea is new.

I don’t know how much the professional job cost–my guess is “lots”–but it’d be possible to DIY without enormous difficulty. Chairs with stained or torn fabric are cheap at thrift stores, so this project involves more time than money.

There are a number of tutorials for reupholstering chairs; a couple are here and here, and you can google up plenty of others. If re-covering a whole chair seems a little too daunting, you could do just the padded seats of dining chairs.

You’ll want to make careful measurements to decide how best to place the shirt elements in order to show them off to advantage. When cutting the T-shirts make sure to leave enough space around each design for a hem. Since the jersey-type fabric of most shirts is both stretchy and thin, it might be a good idea to anchor the pieces to a heavier-duty fabric intended for upholstery; your local fabric store can suggest good candidates.

This is a great way to both show off T-shirts that would otherwise languish in a drawer and add an interesting accent to a room.

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