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Trivia Tuesday

February 4th, 2014 by Cobwebs

  1. This 1987 film was originally supposed to be titled The Hellbound Heart, after the novella it was based upon. When the studio decided that sounded too much like a romance, the author suggested Sadomasochists from Beyond the Grave. They didn’t like that either. What was the movie ultimately called?
  2. This work, subtitled Prince Galehaut, is a collection of tales supposedly told by a group of people sheltering from the Black Plague.
    A) Book of Taliesin
    B) The Canterbury Tales
    C) Purgatorio
    D) Tales of Count Lucanor
    E) The Decameron
  3. This “last child of Ungoliant to trouble the unhappy world” was a gigantic spider who attacked Frodo Baggins before being repelled by Sam.
  4. The Hogwarts Flying instructor is Madam _____.
    A) Sinistra
    B) Hooch
    C) Kettleburn
    D) Pince
    E) Vector
  5. This band, founded by Sean Brennan, takes its name from a seminal 1927 horror movie starring Lon Chaney.
  6. Although Psycho author Robert Bloch denies deliberately basing Norman Bates on this real-life killer, he has remarked upon being surprised how closely “the imaginary character I’d created resembled the real [person] both in overt act and apparent motivation.” Who was it?
    A) David Berkowitz
    B) Ted Bundy
    C) Dean Corll
    D) Ed Gein
    E) Peter Sutcliffe
  7. The video game Portal involves navigating puzzles whilst being “aided” and later menaced by an AI named what?
  8. Which of these is not one of the Pagan Sabbats?
    A) Lughnasadh
    B) Carmentalia
    C) Ostara
    D) Mabon
    E) Imbolc
  9. In Homer’s Odyssey, the ship finds itself menaced between a horrible monster named Scylla and a whirlpool named this.
  10. In the movie Alien the (rather unhelpful) ship’s computer is called what?
    A) Athena
    B) Osgood
    C) Mother
    D) Lucy
    E) Icarus

(Answers below the fold)

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