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February 14th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Steampunk Cthulhu Wall Lamp – This sculptural lamp by Karl Dupere-Richer is just astonishing.

Painted Ants on Porcelain – Artist Evelyn Bracklow paints realistic ants crawling all over vintage porcelain dishes. The results are rather skin-crawly.

LampaDani – Italian artist who makes gorgeous glass lamps. I love this fantastical tree.

Haunted Mansion Valentines – The “Wanna Corrupt My Mortal State?” one made me giggle.

Wax Harryhausen – Since the skeletal warriors from Jason and the Argonauts are my all-time favorite Harryhausen creatures, I find this sculpture particularly marvelous.

Literary Fun Fact – This SMBC strip explains a lot.

Rise of the Werewolf Cats – New boutique breed of cats that resemble werewolves. (via Beans)

Rosemary’s Baby Gets TV Reboot – It’s going to be a miniseries starring Zoe Saldana. Huh. (This article technically contains spoilers, but the movie is over 30 years old so I think the statute of limitations has run out. Also Darth Vader is Luke’s father.)

Chewie and Han – Characters drawn in the style of Tim Burton.

18 Terrifying Old Costumes – These vintage costumes are certainly…arresting.

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