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December 5th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Zombie Snowflake – Papercraft pattern for “monstrous” snowflakes. If you cut the hair off it’d be a decent Frankenstein’s Monster, too. Stick one or two of these in amongst a bunch of normal paper snowflakes and see who notices.

Texting the Underworld – Fun book for older kids about a “perpetual scaredy-cat” who has to prevent a fledgling banshee from taking one of his relatives.

Creepmas Trees – Some cool ideas for spookily-decorated Christmas trees. (Hat tip to Fiend4Halloween)

Humans are Terrifying – Great thread discussing how humans could be the scariest monsters in the galaxy.

Hocus Pocus Cowl – Knit cowl pattern with lovely vintage-y Halloween imagery. Could be adapted for hats, bags, and other items.

The Jar – As Pixel Pixie, who linked me to this, put it, “Tim Burton directed Ray Bradbury story on an Alfred Hitchcock show, scored by Danny Elfman. You’re welcome.” It’s like the Goth Singularity.

Go to Hell – Atlas Obscura has a neat roundup of “gateways to Hell” around the globe.

Skull Chair – This soft skull chair has a hinged jaw. It doesn’t look tremendously practical, but it has a very high Awesomeness Quotient. (Hat tip to Fiend4Halloween)

How to Be Goth – Just in case you needed a guide.

The 13 Days of Christmas – A Nightmare Before Christmas take on The 12 Days of Christmas. (Hat tip to Sally)

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