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The Link Dump of Eleanor Rigby

December 19th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Talking to the Dead Prank – “Professional” prankster Jack Vale managed to convince people that their own cell phones were communicating with the dead.

Encyclopedia Gothica – A guide to goth vernacular, “from absinthe to zombies.”

DIY Floating Candles – EPBOT has a great tutorial for making Harry Potter-inspired “floating candles.”

Searching for Krampus – Interesting article on the Old World roots of Krampus, plus his growing popularity elsewhere.

Black Lullaby – Joshua Hoffine, known for his excellent horror photography, has branched out with a film.

Hades Comics – Amusement from Happle Tea. There’s another one here.

New Wave Tarot – Amusing tarot deck featuring artists like Siouxsie Sioux, Peter Murphy, and David Bowie.

Meatloaf of Rat – I don’t usually pay much attention to food designed to look disgusting, but I sort of love the bug-eyed look on this rat’s face.

here’s that bad advice you were hoping for – Carefully-curated scathing advice column responses.

Majestic Owls – Owls don’t get enough love on this here blog; time to remedy that. Here’s a lovely roundup of photos of owls, plus a bonus link of an owl swimming. (Hat tip to Kaitlin Michelle)

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