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Two Link Dumps Diverged in a Yellow Wood

October 7th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Pressing Questions – An amusing speculation about Medieval witches.

Jack-o’-Lantern Stamps – The U.S. post office has just released a set of four commemorative pumpkiny stamps.

Octopus Ferry Disaster – This is both a great hoax in its own right and also an interesting look at how people can be made to believe false things.

Black Garlic Doritos – Frito-Lay has developed a new variety of Doritos for their Japanese market, available in time for Halloween. I’m all jealous.

What We Do in the Shadows TV Spinoff – Oh, I hope this series makes it beyond the borders of New Zealand.

Newport Jerky Company – In addition to the standard beef and venison jerky, this company offers earthworm, octopus, alpaca, and tarantula. Yum! (via pdq)

HandiCraftKate – Etsy shop featuring gorgeous felted fantasy witch hats and other cosplay items.

Hogwarts Nine Nine – Mashup of Harry Potter and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I had never heard of the latter (apparently it’s a police sitcom), but even without any knowledge of the source material the choice of images to accompany each quote is inspired. (via xJane)

Ben Lovatt Sells Dead People and Animals for a Living – As you do.

Gute Nacht Lied – German comedian Martina Hill sings her daughter to sleep with Prodigy’s “Firestarter.”

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