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Bonus Halloween Link Dump

October 31st, 2016 by Cobwebs

The year has finally rolled around to my very favorite day. By way of celebration, have an extra serving of piping-hot links.

Happy Halloween!

Bwitches – “A feminist comedy series about two friends who use their magic powers to vanquish the sexism and racism they face in modern Hollywood.”

Frankenkuties Pencil Dress – Cute Rockabilly-style dress featuring chibi versions of Frank and his Bride.

The Historian – Eerie novel which follows a fictional search for Dracula’s tomb.

7 Haunted Dolls You Can Buy on eBay – I love that one is described as a “rare antique” haunted doll. None of your modern poltergeist-infested Barbies for me, thanks!

The King in Yellow – Free online copy of the short story collection that helped inspire H.P. Lovecraft. (Hat tip to DeVries)

Frodo Didn’t Fail – I get a kick out of long, scholarly analyses of teensy little details in LOTR.

Pumpkinshine – Illustrations of an attempt to make pumpkin “wine.”

A Rather Haunted Life – New biography of author Shirley Jackson. There’s a review here. (Hat tip to pdq)

Harry Potter Boudoir Photoshoot – Woof. Semi-NSFW. (I’m trying to figure out what the big tattoo on his arm is. Any ideas?)

Candy Corn Crawlers – Edible googly-eyed spiders.

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