The Art of Darkness

Poetry Sunday

November 1st, 2009 by Cobwebs

Dexter Kozen

Autumn’s turned the leaves to rust
The trees have fallen bare
Silver clouds enshroud the moon
A chill is in the air
Shadows of a thousand years
Rise again unseen
Voices whisper in the trees
Tonight is Halloween

On wings of mortals’ weary dreams
Across the night we’ll fly
We’ll dance among the stars unchained
Until the dawn is nigh
A year has passed away, my love
Since we’ve each other seen
Softly now and take my hand
Tonight is Halloween

This was the text inside my wedding invitations. It’s also been set to music by the band “Severe Tire Damage.” You can hear a sound file of the song at their site (

intro   C7-5/E  Em

verse   [Am6/E Em-5 E] x4
         E7 Am4 Am
         C#-/G C#-/F#
        [Am6/E Em-5 E] x2

vamp    [Am6/C  C#-
         Em-5 Em Em-5 Em] x2
         Am6/C  C#-
         C7-5/E   Em

fugue   [Em     |       |Am       |        |
        |D      |       |G        |        |
        |C      |       |F#       |        |
        |B  B/D#|E      |A    A/C#|D       |
        |G      |C/G    |A        |Dm/A    |
        |B      |C   Am |Em/B Am/C|Em/B  B7] x2

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