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You Got Your Zombies in My Star Wars!

November 19th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Death TroopersZombies and Star Wars. They’re two great…oh, who am I kidding? This is just ridiculous. (Click the image to enlarge for full zombie Wookiee goodness.)

Death Troopers follows the adventures of a handful of survivors on an Imperial prison barge after everybody else contracts an horrific disease, dies, and comes back to life (boogedy-boogedy)!

Del Rey is doing a little viral marketing with some intercepted messages from the barge and a Twitter feed from one of the Storm Troopers on board (I had no idea that Storm Troopers used Twitter).

They’ve just finished up a contest for a fan-made trailer, and there’s also a tie-in video game planned.

Reviewers over at Amazon are gushing that the book is wonderfully refreshing for the Star Wars franchise, and I’m sure that’s very nice, but I also think that this particular mashup is a pretty solid indicator that zombies have jumped the horribly-decayed-yet-reanimated-by-eldritch-forces shark.

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