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Edible “Blood” Slides

November 9th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Blood SlidesHow amazingly cool are these? Martha Stewart recently posted a recipe for “invisible lollipops” made of uncaramelized sugar syrup, and Forkable decided to turn the same recipe into clear “glass” specimen slides.

The inspiration was the Showtime series Dexter, whose serial-killer hero saves droplets of blood from all of his victims, but these would be wonderful for any kind of mad scientist- or biohazard themed party. Make yellowy-green splotches and claim they’re blood samples from zombies, or use reddish-purple for extraterrestrial Blob specimens.

The blogger had trouble finding a wooden slide box, but they seem to be available fairly cheaply here, here, or here.

I’m quite impressed with how realistic these look. They’d be a real novelty at any kind of science-themed gathering, and you could even add a little mint flavor and offer them as after-dinner “mints” at a blood-themed dinner party.

(via Creepy Cupcakes)

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