The Art of Darkness


July 5th, 2010 by Cobwebs

NMBC TreeCraftster member kirastorm has a miniature Christmas tree that she plans to decorate with a different theme every year. Her inaugural theme was The Nightmare Before Christmas, and I think it turned out splendidly.

The ornaments are simply plain balls that she painted: Black, white with black spirals, and Jack’s face. The rest of the tree is filled in with black-and-white garland and white stars. As simple as the ornaments are, they’re really very striking.

This would be a great decoration for a small space, for Halloween or the various winter holidays.* If you wanted to get fancy, you could also decorate blown eggs with the same designs. You could also swap out the tree for something a little less overtly seasonal like a bare branch or standing metal hanger and use it to display the ornaments (or eggs) year-round.

*I realize it’s only July, but think of this as getting a head-start on seasonal crafts.

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