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Black and WTF

July 15th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Black and WTFHere’s a wonderful time-waster: The Black and WTF blog is devoted to peculiar black-and-white photos, presented without comment.

Some will make you scratch your head, a few will make you wince, and others might be sources of inspiration. (And a couple are pure nightmare fuel.)

Part of the site’s appeal is that no attempt is made to interpret these photos. I’m sure that many of them have some reasonable explanation, but the fact that they’re just there, with no context, makes them altogether more surreal. (I think this one might be my favorite. So. Many. Questions.)

A few are mildly NSFW in that they contain various unclothed bits, but frankly that’s probably the least of your worries where this site is concerned. Weird. Eerie.

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