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Artsy Animal Specimens

July 12th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Fish SkeletonHoly moley, look at this gorgeous thing. Alert reader Chas sent me this link to a short article on MAKE about cleared and stained animal specimens. These are more like artwork than laboratory specimens.

The article points to instructions for the procedure, although I don’t think it’s really something you could DIY over a weekend. (At the very least, it would probably take numerous tries to achieve good results.)

If you’re not up to preparing your own specimens, it’s possible to find similar items (although not so luridly colored) at science and biological supply houses. You can get replica skeletons, plastinated animals, preserved invertebrates, and quite a lot more. Some are fairly expensive, but many are surprisingly reasonable.

I’d also love to see a series of high-resolution prints of some of the stained specimens. They’d look fantastic massed on a wall.

(Thanks, Chas!)

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