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Map of Metal

March 7th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Map of MetalFor as much whinging as I do about the inapt use of Flash on Websites, it’s lovely to find an example of Flash being used really well.

Designer Patrick Galbraith worked with a music historian to create the Map of Metal, an enormous and detailed map that illustrates the interrelationships of various genera of metal music. You can grab the map and drag it around to view different areas, or use the navigation slider in the upper corner. Clicking on a node will display a description of the features of that particular style of music, plus a list of representative songs. Click on a song, and its video will start playing in an adjacent window.

So if you’ve ever been curious about the origins of Deaththrash or want to know how Drone Metal is related to Funeral Doom, this is the place to look. They also sell an attractive poster of the full map.

(Bonus Link: Did you know there was an Encyclopaedia Metallum? I didn’t until I saw it referenced on the Map’s “About” page. Neat.)

(Hat tip to Beth)

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