The Art of Darkness


March 28th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Absinthe Skull PopIf Willy Wonka ever decided to set up shop in Hell, I’m fairly sure the result would be something like Cryptocurium.

They’re custom candymakers based in New Jersey, and their “handmade edible art” takes its themes from strange legends and macabre fiction. They’ve gotcher Chocolate Aztec Sacrificial Hearts, Absinthe-Flavored Lollipops, and Gummy Cthulhus right here, pal.

They have a whole range of Lovecraft-themed lollipops, in shapes ranging from the Necronomicon to Nyarlathotep (he’s raspberry-flavored, in case anyone was wondering). Their Chocolate Skulls come in four varieties, including “Spicy Xocolatl,” and although they aren’t quite life-size they’re about the size of a baseball and surprisingly inexpensive.

The one that really blows my mind, though, is their Edible Vampire Hunter Kit, which includes hard-candy bottles of holy water and holy oil, a fabulously-detailed miniature chocolate bible, a dark chocolate crucifix, white chocolate garlic, and three milk chocolate wooden stakes. Yowza.

I can’t find anything on their site about whether they ship internationally or not, but for folks in the U.S. there’s still time to order before Easter. (If you don’t think an Easter basket filled with candy Shoggoths wouldn’t be hilarious, you may be on the wrong blog.)

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