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Trivia Tuesday

April 3rd, 2012 by Cobwebs

(No prizes, but if you can answer them all without googling you get bragging rights.)

  1. Robert Smith composed and recorded which studio album with Siouxsie and the Banshees?
    A) Join Hands
    B) Kaleidoscope
    C) Hy├Žna
    D) Peepshow
    E) Tinderbox
  2. What breed of dog is Cujo?
  3. What well-known musician released the influential goth-tinged album “Low” in 1977?
  4. This anonymous vampire story, translated from German, appeared in the English magazine Odds and Ends in 1860. It is credited with introducing the trope of a learned individual who advises the protagonists on how to defeat vampires, a convention which eventually led to the character of Van Helsing in Dracula.
    A) The Mysterious Stranger
    B) The Giaour
    C) The Tomb of Sarah
    D) The Dark Castle
    E) The Fate of Madame Cabanel
  5. What movie has Beetlejuice seen 167 times (“and it keeps getting funnier every single time I see it!”)?
  6. This novel is widely considered to be the first “true” Gothic romance, and in its first edition it was represented as an actual Medieval romance, discovered and republished by a fictitious translator.
  7. The Sisters of Mercy do a cover of which Rolling Stones song on their “Some Girls Wander By Mistake” compilation?
    A) Sympathy for the Devil
    B) Fortune Teller
    C) Paint it Black
    D) Gimme Shelter
    E) Shattered
  8. This story of a Faustian deal involving a portrait is Oscar Wilde’s only published novel.
  9. This collection of short stories was inspired by a filk song of the same name. Whose ghost is haunting Space Station Three?
    A) Buddy Holly
    B) Carmen Miranda
    C) Elvis
    D) Winston Churchill
    E) Don Juan
  10. The idea for this zombie rom-com starring Simon Pegg originally came from a skit in Pegg’s comedy Spaced, in which a character plays a marathon session of Resident Evil and then hallucinates a zombie apocalypse.

(Answers below the fold)

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