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1001 Arabian Link Dumps

April 27th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Cauldron Caramel Apple – These “witches’ cauldron” caramel apples look entirely too much like work, but they’re undeniably dramatic.

41 Examples of Insane Fingernail Art – Some nice Halloween-ish designs, including Slimer.

First Look: Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock – Hopkins is starring in a biopic of Hitchcock, to be released next year. Not a bad likeness.

Fantasy-Themed B&B – Belgian bed and breakfast with a different theme for each room, including Baba Yaga’s hut and a troll’s den.

Naked Mole Rat Cam – Because who doesn’t want to watch Naked Mole Rats frolicking in their tunnels? (There’s a tarantula cam over here if you’d rather.)

The Top 10 Most Annoying Post-Apocalypses – A roundup.

Horror Vacui – Photographs depicting elderly versions of various 80’s movie villains.

Bedside, Bathtub & Armchair Companion to Dracula – Interesting-looking compendium of facts and trivia.

6 Inanimate Objects That Killed People in Movies – Oh lawsey, lawsey, lawsey.

A whole buncha goth lifestyle sites:
GIY: Goth It Yourself
Gothic Decor (Yahoo Group)
Coffin Kitsch
Le Professeur Gothique
BatLady (Yahoo Group)

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