The Art of Darkness

A Connecticut Link Dump in King Arthur’s Court

April 6th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Perfume as Costume – Interesting ideas for complementing a costume with fragrance.

The Lego Dead – Fairly easy zombie-themed cake. The covering appears to be textured fondant; I’m not entirely sure what the “blood” is–possibly more fondant–since it looks solid instead of runny.

Kids in Awesome Costumes – These are hilarious. (Hat tip to WitchArachne)

Arkham Horror – Matthew Baldwin does a lot of board game reviews. Here he tackles a Lovecraft-based game.

Dripping Sunglasses – These were custom-made for a fashion show, but I bet you could do something pretty similar using Sugru. (via Scary Jane)

Cyclops Baby Booties – Tutorial for knitting adorable little monster booties.

Stuart McLachlan – Artist who specializes in “paper styling.” A couple of his creations might be useful costume inspiration, such as this “spiral staircase up to a spooky cliff” gown.

Roach Party! – Tumblr blog devoted to all things cockroachy. (Hat tip to Cat)

Making Vinegar at Home – Easy instructions for making homemade vinegar. One of the options they mention is tequila vinegar, so I assume it’d be possible to make vinegar from something like absinthe if you’re so inclined.

Alien-Inspired High Heels – These Geigeresque shoes are certainly…arresting.

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