The Art of Darkness

How the Link Dump Stole Christmas

December 6th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Diamonds & Dead Things – Ongoing art project which mixes taxidermy and jewelry.

Nightmare Before Christmas Car Accessories – Floor mats, seat covers, and several other NMBC-themed items. (via Cat)

Paleontology Cake – Cute themed cake; the dinosaur skeletons could easily be replaced by coffins for a spookier theme.

Homemade “Shining” Twins Hologram – Reasonably easy method of creating a really spooky effect.

Death Wish Coffee – Highly-caffeinated “extreme” coffee.

Ghost Stories – Indie animation anthology.

Pass the Garum – Cooking blog focusing on the recipes and cuisine of Ancient Rome.

The Box of Crazy – A “found art” codex; the jury is out on whether it’s actually a hoax.

How to Make Human-Size Ghosts – A simple way to make good-looking ghosts from chicken wire.

Picapot Inc. – Great source for all kinds of odd fake creatures, including buzzards, bats, and spiders.

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